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Top of the food chain

This is a dominant male jaguar, the top predator of the local food chain. Recently we spotted him very relaxed lying along the shores of the Rio Negro.
Within our research & conservation project "Onças do Rio Negro", we have identified 8 individuals. The goal of this study involves the understanding and monitoring of jaguar ecology, demography, population dynamics and it's relation with human activities such as cattle ranching and tourism in a long-term perspective.

Male Jaguar Pantanal Fazenda Barranco Alto

Two Jaguars

All together we've seen many dozens of these magnificent cats that reign the South-American jungles, but every time it's like the first time. Today it was two young jaguars (Panthera onca, onça-pintada). Totally relaxed they posed for 40 minutes on the banks of the Rio Negro, the Brazilian Pantanal's most pristine river, a river where you don't meet other boats and where speed is limited by the endless details of nature's beauty.

Jaguar's camouflage

This picture is to celebrate a week with wonderful cat sightings. It was an exceptional week, during a season where any sightings are scarce: 2 jaguars (called Sally and Wally) and 2 pumas, not just glimpses, but hour-long watching with behavior, hunting, fighting and more ...
This picture is of an untamed, non baited jaguar, totally wild. Seen on the banks of the Rio Negro, Pantanal. See location here: 

Disclaimer: any cat sighting is rare and should not be expected.