Our chickens are all gone again !

A few weeks ago we still had about 24 chicken living free in the backyard. Happily they would lay an egg per day. But during one windy night a few tiles were blown off the chicken house and readily an ocelot (Leopardus pardalis, jaguatirica) saw it´s chance. It jumped into the chicken barn and killed all but ONE chicken. We heard them screaming but when we arrived it was to late, the ocelot had let it´s instinct gone wild and was already resting it´s full stomach, an excellent opportunity to get the camera ready.
Well, this wasn´t the first time, last time it was an armadillo that dug a tunnel into the chicken barn.

Anyways, we will have to buy more chicks and repopulate the barn !

An ocelot´s siesta is at mid-night !