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Flood 2011

This summer (2010/2011) started in an unexpected manner, late rains and no flood until 10 days ago. On the 22nd of February the rio Negro finally started to raise and is now flooding a very extensive area of the local Pantanal. In these pictures you see: A) All of Sta. Tomázia (Barranco Alto´s other side of the river) is flooded as far as you can see B) The observation deck close to the lodge from where we normally look down (+/-3m in the dry season) at the bay looks like you would now be sitting in a bathtub C) the river is getting very close to the lodge.

In the last 24 hours it rained another 242 mm which is quite impressive for this region. That means 242 liters of rain per square meter or a total of more than 24 billion liters of water over the whole property !!!
But the Pantanal is only what we see because of this vastness of water; after all it is a FLOODPLAIN. And this is the natural cycle. It needs it.