Barbie's cub

Many people have asked us over the last few months what happened to Barbie and her cub.  As I say: I don't like to post too many cat pictures because cats are very hard to see and it creates high expectations about possible sightings...
Anyway, here is an update:

F (the cub) is most probably a female, she's almost her mother's size but of a lighter appearance, less muscles. F has very big rosettes like her mother.
This picture was taken by Adrian Testa, a Smithsonian Institute's (Washington-DC) photographer, from about 20 meters at night as the cats were coming out of the reeds. We were in absolute silence and watched them for a couple of minutes. The picture was taken at ISO 5000, therefor the high background noise. A magic moment even for those who have seen inumerous jaguars over the years.