400th bird species recorded !!!

We recently spotted the 400th bird-species on Fazenda Barranco Alto. It was a rufous-sided crake (Laterallus melanophaius, sanã-parda). Our guest Granger Ward from California had an iPod with a call of another crake (Laterallus sp.) which he has seen in the Atlantic rainforest close to Rio de Janeiro (Regua Bird Lodge). After many minutes of calling and a pair of crakes answering I could identify clearly with my binoculars two rufous-sided crakes. The picture I managed to shoot is horrible but still worth for the occasion: 

To see a good picture of this bird, follow this link to James Lowen's site: (James Lowen @PBase)

These birds have a very borad range and are very common in some areas, but still, we are very proud of this sighting and it's number and are still convinced that there're more first-bird sightings to come !