More spring impressions ...

The Pantanal is all green and wet again. The spring has come and the rains with it. This first half of November 2007 we had already 95 mm of rain pouring down on Fazenda Barranco Alto. It´s not much compared to other tropical environments, but very good for the local statistics. Let´s calculate: 1 mm of rain is equal to 1 liter per square meter. If the ranch has 110´000´000 m2, then it rained in these 15 days aproximately 10´450´000´000 liters onto Fazenda Barranco Alto ! And because these lands are not well drained, the Pantanal floods ...

Anyways, giant otters (Pteronura brasiliensis, Ariranha) enjoy the growing river !

Golden-collared macaws (Ara auricollis, ararinha-de-coleira) find seeds in the fresh grass,

Water-hyacinths (Eichhornia crassipes, aguapé) bloom in majesty,

Great potoos (Nyctibius grandis, urutau-gigante) raise their chicks (note the baby potoo between it´s legs, like a penguin!),

and the green-and-rufous kingfisher (Chloroceryle inda, martim-pescador-da-mata) ambushes a fish !