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Our Mission

Our mission at Fazenda Barranco Alto is to continue to allow the nature around us to flourish and to protect native species. This is achieved not only through a small tourism and farming ecological footprint, but also through our environmental policy.

Environmental Policy

Fazenda Barranco Alto has created this environmental policy in order to demonstrate our sincere engagement with our surroundings.

Management and staff of Fazenda Barranco Alto have worked close together in developing the following management policies and hereby we commit:

  • To achieve sound environmental practices across our entire operation

  • To comply fully with all Brazilian environmental legislation

  • To minimize the amount of waste generated by re-using materials and recycling as much of the waste as possible

  • To minimize our use of energy, emissions, water and materials

  • To reduce our pollution to an absolute minimum and treat all effluents to the maximum

  • To source food locally

  • To instruct staff in greener practices

  • To ensure no dogs are allowed on the property

  • To discourage the feeding of native wildlife for their benefit and well-being

  • To promote and encourage the growth of native plants which directly complement the surrounding environment

  • To use bio-degradable cleaning products based on natural ingredients which have no adverse effects on the user or environment

  • To preserve the integrity of the environment and minimize any disturbance to the native wildlife, by using quiet engines like 4 stroke gas out-boarders and by generally creating an atmosphere of peace and quiet in and around the Lodge

  • To invite and encourage guests, suppliers and customers to participate in our efforts to protect the environment

  • To work with others in the tourist industry, in public associations, Government departments and the community in general in order to achieve wider environmental awareness and goals

  • To provide all employees with the training and resources required to meet our objectives

  • To openly communicate our policies and practices to guests, interested parties, school groups and university students

  • To monitor and record any environmental impacts in relation to our operations and the observations of the flora and fauna on and around Fazenda Barranco Alto

  • To acquire more land and protect it

  • To always aim for sustainability in our actions