Fulfilling a childhood dream our father Jorge Schweizer acquired Barranco Alto in the late 70's and began directing all his efforts towards nature conservation.

Among his many projects, Jorge co-founded the “Society for the Defense of the Pantanal” (Sodepan) and, after eight years of hard research, he wrote a book about the giant otters of the Pantanal (link).

Following Jorge Schweizer´s pioneering footsteps, his children (Corinne, Marina, Camilla & Noel) continue to preserve the ecology of the area, whilst increasing regional development in a non-intrusive, eco-friendly manner.

Family management and ownership ensures the vision and philosophy continues.


Marina and Lucas Leuzinger opened the lodge in 2003 with a strong focus on research and a small ecological tourism footprint. 

After 14 years living here with their small children, they passed the baton on to Corinne and her husband Ben who continue the family's vision with their own children Jack (2015) and Emilia (2016).