Fazenda Barranco Alto


11.000 hectares   -   6 rooms   -   4,791 Species


Secluded. Personalized. Paradise.

Fazenda Barranco Alto is a family owned and operated eco lodge in the Southern Pantanal. 

Here you will have the rare opportunity to dive into the Rio Negro's dark and mysterious waters, watch the raucous and cheerful flight of hyacinth, blue-and-yellow and red-and-green Macaws, and maybe witness the morning fishing of a Giant Otter family as dawn breaks. You can observe the ritual of the Caiman mating and, with luck and patience, look into the eyes of the biggest cat in the Americas: the Jaguar.

At our lodge, you can live the day-to-day life of an authentic Pantanal cowboy, savour typical local dishes and sleep in a comfortable en-suite which offers all the necessary comforts for a cozy and unforgettable stay. Surrounded by 11,000 hectares of wilderness for you to explore by 4x4, boat, horse, canoe, foot or just take a cooling swim in the Rio Negro - all with the help of one of our experienced bilingual guides.

All tours and meals, including beer and caipirinhas, are included in the price of your stay. With only 6 rooms we keep your experience intimate and stay true to our goal in allowing the nature around us to flourish.! 


11,000 Hectares

Our father first came to the Pantanal in the late 70's, when he bought a small inaugural piece of land on the bank of the Rio Negro to study the giant fish otters. Today, we maintain 11,000 hectares of land, containing over 400 bodies of water and a vast amount of waterfront along the river. Over 4,400ha of our land is a further protected reserve land with no intrusion from vehicles. 



6 Rooms

Our lodge only has 6 available rooms to keep your experience intimate and to stay true to our goal in allowing the natural surroundings to flourish. During your stay, you will have full access to our pristine private land through daily tours by 4x4, boat, horse, canoe or by foot, led by an included bilingual guide.


Photo by Matthias Graban

 4,791 Species

The Pantanal is one of the most densely biodiverse regions in the world, and holds the highest concentration of wildlife in all of South America. It is home to everything from Hyacinth Macaws to Giant Fish Otters to the elusive Jaguar, and is protected as the 'largest and most intact representative of its ecosystem' by the WWF.